Creating a New Version of Leviticus to Support Gay Sex | The Stream


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A response to Dr. Idan Dershowitz’s New York Times column, “The Secret History of Leviticus.”

Source: Creating a New Version of Leviticus to Support Gay Sex | by
Michael Brown | 23 July 2018 | Excerpted from The Stream

What do you do when the biblical text is against your position, explicitly so? What do you do when not one single verse supports your viewpoint? It’s simple. You create new verses out of thin air. You rewrite the Bible to your liking. That’s exactly what biblical scholar Idan Dershowitz has done.

In his New York Times op-ed piece, Dr. Dershowitz summarizes his 2017 academic article published in the journal Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel.
Dr. Dershowitz claims that “Before Leviticus was composed, outright prohibitions against homosexual sex — whether between men or women — were practically unheard-of in the ancient world.” And he believes that Leviticus was “created gradually over a long period and includes the words of more than one writer.”

He then argues Continue reading


And where is the International Community and their cries of outrage at this act of genocide?


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‘A Living Hell’: Some 3,000 Displaced Nigerian Christians in Agony Amid Slaughter

By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter | Jul 6, 2018 | Excerpted from The Christian Post

Nigerian Christians were have been displaced by the thousands due to mass slaughter in the villages surrounding Jos in Plateau state are in a “living hell” and agony, a watchdog group assisting the victims said.

“The displaced Christians were in a pathetic situation,” an Open Doors USA worker, identified as Kerrie, said on Tuesday.

“Life has become a living hell for them. They have lost loved ones, houses, and all they labored for in the twinkling of an eye. The agony they are going through Continue reading

Is the Southern Baptist the next denomination to fall?


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MassResistance Texas activists continue fight to stop LGBT infiltration into Southern Baptist denomination

Pro-family Resolution at Southern Baptist Convention blocked
Disturbing connections to LGBT activism
… But compromising church leaders are now being exposed

July 10, 2018 By Brian Camenker, Excerpted From Mass Resistance

In April 2017, Rev. Tom Littleton of Alabama gave a chilling talk on “How the LGBT movement is infiltrating conservative churches” at the MassResistance Citizen Action Conference in Austin, TX. For over a decade, he pointed out, the national LGBT movement has been funding a multi-million-dollar under-the-radar subversive campaign in Southern states to push the homosexual movement into conservative Christian churches. And they’ve been shockingly successful.

But an even bigger goal has been to infiltrate and subvert the overall Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the largest Christian denomination in the South and the second largest in North America (after the Catholic Church). This year that goal has become frighteningly closer to reality. The events surrounding Continue reading

The #WalkAway Movement Is Taking America By Storm


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The #WalkAway Movement Is Taking America By Storm

Erich Reimer |Jul 09, 2018 | Excerpted from Townhall

At now over 100,000 members in its Facebook group and widespread international media coverage, the #WalkAway movement of former Democrats telling their stories about why they left their party has resonated deeply with a core feeling currently in the American people.

Started by NYC hairstylist Brandon Straka in late May the movement has caught flame because it speaks to how the Democratic Party of today, where far-left sentiments ranging from universal socialist programs to demonizing our first responders and border control, to questioning the very goodness of America itself, are edging closer to gaining Continue reading

Freedom of speech: a two bladed sword?


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Just down the road a bit is a sleepy little town where the locals tell a story that is an excellent exemplification of the current debate surrounding the freedom of speech. In the mid 1990s—according to census records—the population of the village was 37 persons, this population grew in just a few short years to 408 scattered over a 5 square mile area.

It is told that during the years in which the town only had a population of a few dozen, the mayor, his adult son and daughter were the perennial city council, some go as far as to accredit their frequent reelection to the fact that the majority of residents (28 at the time) lived in a mobile home park owned by the Mayor.

Anyway, the town started to grow, during this time, the mayor and his kids put in place zoning and building ordinances that brought the little village up to building and planning codes comparable to its larger neighbors. This seemed like a good idea, a move that would encourage growth and ensure that future development, would bring people to a modern up to date planned city instead of a run down rural slum.

Time went on, the mayor was replaced, and the growth continued. Enough that the one time mayor became a real estate developer building sub divisions on what previously was his farmland. This gentlemen who is a colorful part of local lore, saw financial opportunity knocking and was in the process of platting out his subdivision when the city planners returned his plans unapproved as he had not included curbing and other infrastructure now required by city code.  Required changes that were going to be expensive, reducing his net profit.

It is told that he asked his son “Just who put in place these stupid, costly, codes?” The son replied, “But we did Dad.” The old mans reply was, “What did we do that for, that’s a dumb idea, lets get these (rules) changed.”

This story exemplifies or gives an example of how that which seems like a good idea today when it benefits you, might be a bad idea tomorrow when the same principles are applied–not in your favor–but against your goals and agendas.

Case in point, the current debate surrounding Continue reading

Deny Trump to Prove Your Love for Jesus?


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I’m Not Playing the New Game of ‘Deny Trump to Prove Your Love for Jesus’

We don’t have to prove our morality by giving our “Amen” to the left’s latest cause.

By MICHAEL BROWN Published on July 3, 2018 | Excerpted From The Stream

We hear this on a daily, if not hourly basis. Evangelicals have hurt their witness by voting for Trump. Evangelicals have lost their credibility by supporting Trump. Evangelicals can no longer be taken seriously because they’re in bed with Trump. And on and on it goes.

It doesn’t matter who he appoints to the Supreme Court. It doesn’t matter if he improves the economy. Or strengthens the military. Or helps stabilize the Middle East.

Not at all. Trump is a heartless, misogynistic, immoral, narcissistic, xenophobic monster, and whoever voted for him (or continues to support him) is not worthy of the name “Christian.”

This has almost become the new orthodoxy: Prove your allegiance to Jesus by denouncing Trump. Failure to denounce him is proof positive Continue reading

Social Media to Congress: “There is not censorship of Christians or Conservatives!”


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Twitter Punishes Michael Brown Over Tweets About Massacre of Nigerian Christians; Admits ‘Error’

From The Christian Post | By Samuel Smith , CP Reporter | Jul 3, 2018

Twitter placed the account of popular conservative radio host and author Michael L. Brown on lock for 12 hours on Monday after it was deemed that two of his tweets about the ongoing persecution of Christians at the hands of Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria were deemed “hateful.”

Brown, the host of the nationally syndicated “Line of Fire” radio show and a prominent proponent of Messianic Judaism, authored an op-ed published by The Stream Sunday calling on Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to step up and take action to protect the Christian communities regularly attacked by Muslim Continue reading

Silence While Christians Die


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‘Pure Genocide’: Over 6,000 Nigerian Christians Slaughtered, Mostly Women and Children

From The Christian Post| By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter | Jul 3, 2018

Church leaders in Nigeria have said that Christians are experiencing “pure genocide” as 6,000 people, mostly women and children, have been murdered by Fulani radicals since January.

“What is happening in Plateau state and other select states in Nigeria is pure genocide and must be stopped immediately,” said the Christian Association of Nigeria and church denominational heads in Plateau State in a press release Continue reading

Save The Children


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The Left Is In An Uproar About Illegal Alien Children Being Separated From Their Parents; But All We Hear is Silence About Children Being Separated From Their Parents By Bureaucrats In The Heartland

I have been patiently watching the contrived crisis on the border in which leftists are using the unfortunate situation surrounding those trying to enter our country illegally, to attack not only Trump, but all of us that voted for him; especially those demanding border enforcement and stronger immigration laws.  The left projects a faux outrage regarding the detention of aliens and the accompanying minors being separated from the adults; but what do we hear about the all too often unjustifiable removal of children from parents by Child Protective Services? Can you say Continue reading

Too Few Pastors Spoke Up.


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It’s the Real Reason We’re in This Mess Today

By MICHAEL BROWN Published on June 9, 2018, Excerpted from The

I don’t want to sound critical, and I’m not bitter or angry. But I am grieved. And burdened. So I will raise my voice like a trumpet and say it plainly and clearly: The relative silence of our pulpits has helped plunged us into our current moral morass. Do we have the courage and integrity to face this?

I’m not talking about pastors and leaders becoming political. That’s the farthest thing from my mind.

Truth in Love

But I am talking about pastors and leaders becoming Continue reading