More political observers see a Coup d’état in the making


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In the Franken Scandal

Be Careful What You Wish For

By Peter Barry Chowka, 19 November 2017 | Excerpted from the American Thinker

The outing of U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-MN) as the latest high profile alleged abuser of women – accompanied by photographic evidence – calls for a cautious analysis. Not because there is any doubt about the veracity of the accusations by Franken’s main accuser, Leeann Tweeden. After all, Ms. Tweeden has come forward with an incriminating photo and a detailed recounting of Franken’s sexual harassment and humiliation of her in 2006, two years before he was elected to the U.S. Senate. As of this writing, Franken has issued three increasingly detailed written apologies for what he did to Ms. Tweeden which adds significant credibility to her claims.

What needs to be examined closely and critically is how Continue reading


Coup d’état by suicide?


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In an article published on The American Thinker blog titled; “Judge Moore: Was That the Sound of Pandora’s Box Being Opened?” the author, John Dietrich, begins to ask questions I myself had been pondering with the intentions of addressing in this forum.

Mr. Dietrich writes:

The recent Weinstein, Moore, and Franken scandals have the establishment and the media in a frenzy. Weinstein had displayed his objectionable behavior for decades. It might be curious why it suddenly came to light. The allegations against Moore only came to light in the last days of his campaign for the Senate. This is understandable. The establishment has spent millions in an attempt to defeat him. He is a definite threat to their order. Franken appears to be collateral damage. In fact, Franken is an example of friendly fire. How many casualties can the establishment sustain? We will probably be finding out.

I rhetorically ask; Can all this be part of an campaign to effect a coup d’état Continue reading

A Nation of Small Gods?


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How America Turned Into a Nation of Small Gods

By TOM GILSON | November 18, 2017 | Excerpted from The Stream

America has moved beyond Christianity, beyond post-Christianity, to a new religion of small gods everywhere. How did we get to this point?

I’m not talking about old-fashioned self-worship. This isn’t merely, “I’m more important than you.” Individuals are assuming the very power of God to create their own realities and command others to comply. As I’ve written recently,

What else besides a claim of godhood is going on, after all, when a man declares himself a woman, and insists that his new sex (“gender”) is reality, not only for himself but for everyone else? What else explains his demand that everyone kneel in obedience to the new reality he has created? How else do we make sense of doctors and judges claiming they can decide whose life is worth living?

We could trace this all the way back to Satan’s suggestion to Eve that she should become like God. But at least four modern streams feed this movement.

1. Discarding the True God

The first is the West’s gradual discarding of the true God. Not long ago I was with a group of men doing Bible study together. One of the older men said he could remember saying the Lord’s Prayer in public school. The younger men in the group were visibly surprised that anyone could recall such a thing Continue reading

Judging Jericho


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Judging Jericho

What should Christians do with the Bible’s God-ordained violence?

by Joseph Hartropp | Friday 17 Nov 2017 | Excerpted from Christian Today

A NOTE FROM THE BISHOP: Just this last week, while reading comments on a secular news article, I encountered an attack on the Christian Old Testament; the commenter tried to make the case that passages in the Old Testament–such as the battle of Jericho–were just as violent as similar passages in the Muslim holy book, the Koran.  From an academic standpoint an apologist for the Christian belief can successfully argue that the differences between the Koran and the Christian Bible are like the difference between night and day, in fact there are so many we will not attempt to address those arguments here.  The reasoning behind sharing this article by Joseph Hartropp, is not to further the case of the differences between Islam and Christianity but to educate those Christians who have not had the benefit of being instructed in proper exegesis or an explanation or critical interpretation of the Holy Bible.  A casual reading–without the benefit of classical exegesis–can leave one with the false impression that the Old Testament is rife with text that claims God is vengeful and excessively violent often encouraging genocide against innocent civilian populations. Mr Hartropp addresses one of these often troubling passages, the case of the battle of Jericho, explaining some of the peripheral conditions surrounding this story and how there maybe another interpretation other than just the casual reading.


Let’s be clear, this isn’t the case for taking scissors to Scripture and cutting out the bits we don’t like – nor am I Continue reading

Atheists sue over Pet Blessing?


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Atheists file suit against county animal shelter for performing pet blessing

by Czarina Ong | Thu 16 Nov 2017 | Excerpted from Christian Today

An atheist group got upset when a tax-funded county animal shelter performed a pet blessing.

The American Atheists Legal Center sent a letter to the Bergen County Animal Shelter in New Jersey when they learned that a priest was invited Continue reading

Sex, Politics, and the Judiciary: We’ve Seen This Movie Before


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Sex, Politics, and the Judiciary: We’ve Seen This Movie Before

by Stephen B. Presser | 10 November 2017 | Excerpted from American Greatness

A claim of sexual harassment of any kind is now the nuclear option in American politics. It was most famously (although unsuccessfully) deployed against Clarence Thomas, 27 years ago, near the end of his confirmation hearings, by a former subordinate, Anita Hill. To this day, Justice Thomas’s detractors believe Hill, but Thomas has always denied Hill’s charges; and while, in my opinion, the evidence supported Thomas’s version of the story, when it is a matter of “he said; she said,” it is usually difficult, if not impossible, to know who is telling the truth.

No doubt, women are often subject to horrible abuse by powerful men. When the Continue reading



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a gesture in which the palm of one’s hand is brought to one’s face, as an expression of disbelief or exasperation.

The Washington Post reports that a church sponsored Pre-school in Bethesda Maryland has taken steps that have enraged parents; No, they haven’t instituted GLBT inclusive courses designed to indoctrinate impressionable young minds in how to have safe sex with a same sex partner, or other morally objectionable courses actually quite the contrary.

Joe Heim writes for the WP: Continue reading

Progressives are normalizing violence


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Progressives are normalizing violence against conservatives – and it is working

By Thomas Lifson | 10 November 2017 | Excerpted from The American Thinker

The political equivalent of a mafia “contract” has been placed in Republican politicians, through efforts at all levels of the progressive political culture to “normalize” violence against President Trump and his enablers. The horrific mass assassination attempt on the congressional delegation is never mentioned in the media, other than honors for Rep. Scalise (who almost died and needs a scooter) and the hero cops who prevented the intended mass slaughter.

And now we learn Continue reading

Compare and contrast NYC and Sutherland


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Compare and contrast NYC and Sutherland

“Re-Blogged From The Gun Free Zone

Posted on November 7, 2017 by J. Kb | Excerpted From The Gun Free Zone

In New York City, Uzbek Muslim Sayfullo Saipov, drove a rental truck on a bike path in Manhattan, killing 8 and wounding 11. He had pledged allegiance to ISIS and witnesses reported when he got out of the truck he was yelling “Allahu Akbar.”

Faced with this news, CNN’s Jake Tapper went on the air to say Continue reading

Why So Much Hatred Against Christians in America Today


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Why So Much Hatred Against Christians in America Today?

The hostility against us is reaching a crescendo. Things could get even uglier in the days ahead.

By MICHAEL BROWN, November 7, 2017| Excerpted from The Stream

On Sunday, the day of the church massacre, cultural commentator David French tweeted, “The amount of anti-Christian hate on Twitter the same day Christians were massacred is stunning and chilling.”

If ever there was a time when we might have expected sympathy for Christians, or at least restraint in attacking them, it’s at a time like this. But the opposite proved true far too many times. Why?

On Fox News, Laura Ingraham noted that some of the reactions to the shooting pointed to “elite hostility to people of faith.” She stated that “hostility to faith infects the popular culture.” She also spoke of a rising “militant secularism,” drawing attention to comments which mocked the prayers of believers on behalf of Continue reading