Democrats Are Headed for a World of (Deserved) Hurt | Roger L. Simon


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Source: Democrats Are Headed for a World of (Deserved) Hurt | Roger L. Simon

After years of  non-stop virtue signaling as the party of “truth, justice and equality,” the Democrats are slowly, inexorably being revealed to be the reverse.  They are being hoisted on the petard of their own moral narcissism. Continue reading


Gleeful U.S. Media Sell Joys of DPRK Communism At Winter Olympics… | The Last Refuge


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Source: Gleeful U.S. Media Sell Joys of DPRK Communism At Winter Olympics… | The Last Refuge

This won’t come as a surprise to most, because if you scratch almost any mainstream U.S. journalist you’ll discover a DNA-level love for totalitarianism at the heart of their world-view.

However, for the non-indoctrinated it is still disconcerting to see U.S. media cheerfully spread propaganda for communist dictators and their regime. [Perhaps Anderson Cooper will take pictures atop North Korean anti-aircraft guns.] Continue reading

Oklahoma: ‘Allah’ shouting Muslim stabs man because he didn’t follow Islam | Creeping Sharia


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Police suspect a religious discussion may have escalated into an argument that led to a stabbing at an apartment complex Wednesday morning.

After being dispatched to a report of a fight in progress at Wolf Run Apartments the morning of Feb. 7, officers of the Tahlequah Police Department arrested Ibrahim Alyami, 24, was arrested on complaints stemming from the stabbing incident.

Officer Brian Jordan and Officer Bronson McNeil arrived on scene and met Adam Wallace and Fahad Hamad Alsawidan outside one of the apartments. The officers reported seeing Wallace bleeding significantly from his right arm, with a shirt wrapped around it as a makeshift tourniquet.

Wallace claimed he had been stabbed, and described the suspect as a Middle Eastern male in a black jacket and denim jeans. Officers were dispatched with the description.

Source: Oklahoma: ‘Allah’ shouting Muslim stabs man because he didn’t follow Islam | Creeping Sharia

Why Are European Governments So Terrified of ‘Fake News’?


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Excerpted from: Why Are European Governments So Terrified of ‘Fake News’? By: by Judith Bergman February 11, 2018

  • When Swedish authorities representing a Swedish left-wing government and media announce a project to prevent “fake news” from “decisively influencing” the 2018 elections, this ought to set off loud alarm bells among Swedes. Who determines what constitutes “fake news” anyway? Is it not the very essence of “fake news” when a media outlet refuses to report mass sexual assaults, because the perpetrators happen to be foreigners from third world countries?
  • A British Cabinet Office spokesperson told Sky News: “The Government is committed to tackling false information and the Government Communications Service plays a crucial role in this”. Perhaps their “rapid response fake news unit” should begin with Theresa May herself, who falsely and against all factual evidence continues to claim that Islam is a religion of peace and that ISIS is not Islamic.
  • Meanwhile, European citizens continue to face costly legal prosecution for refusing to accept the fake news about Islam propagated by people such as Theresa May.

Continue reading

What Do the Evolutionists Have to Hide? | The Stream


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Excerpted from: What Do the Evolutionists Have to Hide? | The Stream By: JONATHAN WITT & MATTI LEISOLA Published on February 10, 2018

I (Matti Leisola) started my science career as a Darwinist. But the scientific evidence drove me into scientific heresy. I now reject Darwinism. And I embrace the theory of intelligent design.

The theory of intelligent design holds that the appearance of design in nature is real, not illusory. It holds that organisms are sophisticated information systems best explained by reference to an intelligent cause. The founders of modern science were convinced that nature pointed to design. And a growing number of modern scientists think so too. Continue reading

The Ignorance of Atheism


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Excerpted from: The Ignorance of Atheism By Bruce Walker Published on American Thinker

Atheism is the slavish and simple-minded embrace of ignorance.  When people call themselves “atheists” today, what they really mean is Christophobes, people with an irrational hatred and fear of Christianity.  The arguments they make against Christianity are both bizarre Continue reading

Why Don’t Pedestrians Look Where They Are Going Anymore? – The Conservative Mom



Source: Why Don’t Pedestrians Look Where They Are Going Anymore? – The Conservative Mom Posted by: Katherine Rez

A NOTE ABOUT THIS  EDITORIAL FROM BISHOP BENEDICT-JOHNS: This blog post on The Conservative Mom by Katherine Rez touches on a subject that has been often discussed by many of us here in our region.  In response to numerous car pedestrian accidents–many of which being fatal for the pedestrian–local law makers have initiated a program to “raise awareness” of drivers to the prospect of pedestrians jaywalking or otherwise crossing busy thoroughfares unsafely.

Those of us with gray hair remember the many public service announcements on TV, Radio, as well as the programs in school to instill the notion of the pedestrian first stopping, looking both ways, and making sure traffic was stopped before crossing the street.  Maybe we need to return to this simple educational program as pedestrians will suffer more in an accident than the driver of a car.

The general rule was at one time, if a car was in the marked cross walk, the pedestrian yielded to the car, but when the pedestrian entered the crosswalk he or she had the right of way; this too seems to have been forgotten as we see walkers crossing against lights or walking out in front of cars expecting the driver to see the walker and stand on the brakes to avoid striking someone with an entitlement mentality who seems to think his rights exceed the rights of all others.

Far too often at “superstores” we see an unending stream of customers entering or leaving the store, expecting drivers to wait and wait and wait even though the driver has been there stopped at the crosswalk before the walker even approached.  This lack of inconsideration results in a type of road rage we see in drivers barreling through the crosswalk even though pedestrians are already in the marked area.  Evey one, pedestrian and driver alike needs to show personal responsibility, common sense, restraint, and some consideration for the rights of others.

When I was growing up, we took our parent’s hands, stopped, looked both ways, and listened for any oncoming traffic before crossing the road.  Nowadays the young and old keep their heads down, eyes on the pavement, without even a glance up as to what’s going on around them before crossing the street.  What’s wrong with these people? Continue reading

Fr. James Martin Demands Bishops Censor His Critics for “Hate”


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When faithful Catholics speak out against Fr. James Martin, he accuses them of “hate speech,” which in some places is borderline illegal.

Excerpted from: Fr. James Martin Demands Bishops Censor His Critics for “Hate” by JOHN ZMIRAK Published on January 30, 2018 | The Stream

Father James Martin, SJ has a problem with power. He craves it, as an addict dreams of the needle.

What do I mean? On the issue that most threatens the coherence of Christian churches and their liberty in America, Martin collaborates with the Church’s persecutors: the powerful, prestigious, and culturally glamorous LGBT lobby. You know, the group that can get people fired, shamed, and in some places even prosecuted for cleaving to Christian orthodoxy. Yet Martin pretends that his stance is somehow courageous. Continue reading