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Excerpted from: On the Targeting of Churches and Christians By Dr. Jerry Newcombe – April 28, 2019 | BarbWire

The Easter bombings of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka remind us that it is dangerous to be a practicing Christian today in many parts of the world.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“There were at least eight explosions, most blamed on suicide bombers. Six of the attacks were coordinated and were carried out by seven suicide bombers, according to a preliminary examination of scattered body parts by the country’s official experts.”

The bombs, of course, went off on the high Christian holiday of Easter, killing almost 300 people.

And the Journal adds:

“Authorities took 24 people into custody in connection with the bombings, making arrests in several locations in and near the capital, Colombo, where the bombings were focused….The government has ordered round-the-clock security at all churches.”

Wendy Wright, the president of Christian Freedom International, told me:

“This coordinated mass bombing by Islamists against Christians in Sri Lanka packed into churches to celebrate Easter should drive us all to pray for vulnerable Christians. And for God to transform hearts.”

Wright noted:

“Easter celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead—proving His power over death and the certainty of His promise of eternal life. As Jesus said, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in Me shall never die.’”

She also added that some Muslims are sickened by this kind of Jihadist violence:

“On the day of the Sri Lanka massacres, Christian Freedom International’s director in a restricted country said a young Muslim man in his country showed up to learn about Jesus. ‘He has lost all his faith and honor in Islam because of seeing the brutal, inhumane acts of Islam in this world. He is seeking a better God to serve. Please pray for him.’”

Some in Sri Lanka have asked, “Where is God?” But the attack on Christians and churches have gone on from the beginning of the Christian church to the present. Jesus told us it would be dangerous to follow Him. But, as the Apostle Paul noted, if only for this life we follow Christ, then we should be the most pitied of all men. Because Jesus was raised from the dead, so one day, those who believe in Him will one day inherit a resurrected body like His. And when Jesus returns, He will judge the world in perfect justice—including those who perpetrate attacks like this.

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