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A Word From The Bishop:  Professor Lopez makes a very persuasive argument against the acceptance of Homosexuality–by Christians–as anything but a sinful act.  This is a must read for those concerned about the current dilemma of an increasing number of churches proclaiming to be accepting of such activity and life choices.

How I figured out Paul was right and homosexuality was wrong

by Robert Oscar Lopez, English Manif blog

As the Texas state legislature is fighting new battles against the //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js“>LGBT agenda and in some cases winning ground, there also appears an uptick in people trying to discredit the proper Biblical position on homosexuality–which is, of course, that homosexual activity is a sin that any person is capable of committing, and any person is capable of resisting. They often come under hashtags like “#faithfullyLGBT” and proclaim they offer a safe space for people who want to be Christian but who do not want to give up their homosexual activities.
Below are some of the more colorful tweets that I have recently seen on Twitter:

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