Across the nation on Saturday June 10, 2017, Act for America organized protest marches calling for Islamic Sharia law not to be allowed in American courts.
At left is a computer screen shot of the web page featuring a photo taken by Shelly Yang for The Kansas City Star.

If you look closely at the young lady on the left, who is participating in the counter protest organized by the ALCU and other groups claiming to be against Fascism and islamophobia, you will note that she is holding up a sign proclaiming that Christians are the real threat to America; more on that assertion in a moment.

These counter  protesters claim that those that stand against Sharia law are really against immigration of Islamic refugees into the United States.  While the ACT for America protesters want to prevent the spread of an alternative law system in the US, one that allows for the abuse of women, Female Genital Mutilation and other customs foreign to our existing culture.  Now about that sign the young lady with the blonde ponytail is holding.

Assuming you have been watching the news reports of the terroristic attacks world wide, I ask you when did you see a group of Christians–lets say such as the Amish–hijack several jet planes and fly them into a building killing thousands?  When have you ever heard of an Amish driving his horse and buggy at a high rate of speed into a pedestrian mall killing several people.  Ever see a truly devout Christian explode a suicide bomb in a crowded theater?  Can’t remember any of these hypothetical events of Christian terrorists? I didn’t think you could.

Using the Amish in this example–the Amish being an otherwise pacifist people not prone to violence–has another purpose, that of illustrating why we cannot allow alternative systems of law in our society.

Disclaimer:  I have nothing but respect and admiration for the Amish people as I personally know many who live in this region as well as many of those involved in the following incident.  I value their friendship as they are truly a great people. Read here for one news report see The River Front Times.

One aspect of this unfortunate incident, while not reported in the media, is the allegations made by local members of the non-Amish community that officials had been aware of this and had allowed the Amish community to deal with the crime in their own custom.  Sometime later the Amish man sought help with his problem of being unable to avoid abusing his daughters resulting in his being committed to the state Department of Corrections for 20 years, his wife sentenced to 5 years probation and a fine given to the elders who had known of the abuse and failed to report it.  Assuming the allegations that the county knew of the abuse and allowed the Elders to handle it, are in fact true, and even if not factual we none the less have in this case an excellent example of why as a society we can have only one system of justice.  Those Amish involved in this are otherwise good people, but I do not believe that they fully understood the complexities of the mental issues the man in this case had, or had the means to adequately deal with the problem.

BE it Amish–or any other religious custom–American jurisprudence must prevail and no other system, such as Sharia, be allowed to exist in the United States.

Sharia law allows in some cases for honor killings (read here)  and  (read here) for female genital mutilation (read here)  the murder of gays, here  and here , just read for yourself and make your own decision whether we should allow an alternative to American law.  But should you conclude that we should indeed allow Sharia law to be practiced by Americans of Islamic faith, then remember that by our law we then have to allow other religious groups to practice as they see fit regardless of current laws and customs, fair is fair, and legal precedence tends to prevail.  To allow Sharia law, for all intents and purposes, is tantamount to opening the proverbial Pandoras Box.