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Some observers, having taken a bit of romantic license, compare the conditions of contemporary times to those situations the classic fantasy author J. R. R. Tolkien created in his Lord of the Rings trilogy.  This highly successful series was written as a sequel to his first “Middle Earth” novel The Hobbit but eventually developed into a much larger work. Written in stages between 1937 and 1949, The Lord of the Rings is one of the best-selling novels ever written, with over 150 million copies sold. [1]

The evil dark Lord Sauron, the principal antagonist of the story, had in a past era created one ring to rule all the rings of power he had given to the kings, human, Elf, and Dwarf alike; this was his plan to one day conquer all of Middle Earth by controlling the minds and desires of those wearing the aforementioned rings.

In the final installment, The Return of the King, all seems to be lost as Sauron’s armies largely comprised of Orcs—nightmarish, malevolent, Goblin like monstrosities created by Sauron’s Wizard—have overrun the land and appear to have no obstacles standing between them and the ultimate victory of destroying human kind and establishing Sauron’s kingdom.  It is at this point that the rightful heir to the throne of Gondor realizes that to save mankind he must leave his self imposed exile and rally the remaining forces opposed to Sauron.

Those observers first mentioned above, use this story of Tolkien’s as an analogy illustrating the dire circumstances of today as we witness western culture—described as a curious coalition of on one hand Judeo-Christian tradition and on the other democratic secularism—standing against a privileged few seeking world domination through globalization and cultural genocide by uncontrolled immigration.  Just as it is not in reality one individual “Dark Lord” seeking power but a group of the global elite; it is not one “Prince” in self imposed exile, in reality it is an “army” of ministers—the Black Robed Regiment—that needs to step up and rally the remaining opposition who has not succumbed to the propaganda of the Dark Lords of the elite.

The Black Robed Regiment was an epithet used by the British to describe the ministers who used their pulpits to call for rebellion against King George and support for the Continental Army of the American Revolution. [2]  While history tells us there never was an actual battalion of ministers baring arms, this fifth column—civilians living within a populace who support opposition forces—was instrumental in educating minds and converting hearts over to the cause of the early American Patriots fighting against the oppression of the British monarchy.

Supporters of slavery in mid-19th century America might have also considered the Ministers who delivered sermons critical of the abominable act of human bondage and enslavement as a Black Robed fifth column.  Many Americans of that era became abolitionists and later recruits or supporters of the Union Army due to the efforts of ministers educating them to the realities and abomination of slavery.

This influence ministers have had over their congregations and the end result the creation of grass root movements which changed history, eventually caused politicians to become fearful.  Senator Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas proposed an amendment that would remove the tax-exempt status of religious not for profit organizations (churches) who campaigned, or advocated for political candidates.  The so-called Johnson amendment effective muzzled ministers critical of politicians in America. This proposition became law in 1954 and as we all remember, its sponsor went on to become the 36th President of the United States after the assignation of President Kennedy in 1963.  Presidents Reagan and Trump as well as other officials have advocated for the repeal of this law that imposes upon the liberty of ministers leading churches dependent on tax exemptions.  Of course those of us that do not require tax exempt status, are under no restrictions, at least by the Johnson amendment.

Perhaps we can extract from Tolkien’s  fantasy novels another analogy.  Like the residents of Middle Earth—humans, Elves, Dwarfs, and of course Hobbits—who had become oblivious to the dangers of the approaching darkness all of which wrapped up in their own lives, affairs and complacency, we of western culture particularly North American and Europeans, have ignored the evil surrounding us on all flanks or have become intoxicated on the false promises disseminated by the elitist’s propaganda machine.  In either case many ministers feeling defeated by the so-called culture wars—like Tolkien’s fictitious character Aragon the heir to the throne of Gondor—have in effect retreated to a self imposed exile.  And like the analogy of Aragon and the return of the King, it is time for us, the Black Robed Regiment to return to do symbolic battle as a fifth column against the dark forces of global elite and their plans to utilize the ring of power to control all rings in effect establishing a global oligarchy. [3]

As I write this missive in the finals days of February 2017, we have read or heard of quiet insinuations that we the “little people” are incapable of ruling ourselves and democratic socialism should prevail in which our betters make decisions for us in the interests of creating a more perfect world order.  Such a scheme would look similar but in reality be far worse than the current European union which is governed by an un-elected bureaucracy totally out of control by the citizens of the member states.  How is this any different than the old and failed communist USSR?

However with the British voting to leave the EU, the election of Trump, Marine Le Pen gaining in the polls in France,[4] Geert Wilders in Holland,[5] and other individuals or countries standing up and saying enough is enough, we the people do not want to submit to the agenda of the elitists; there is indeed a grass roots movement in opposition to the “Dark Lords” that seek to impose their rule upon us.  It behooves us as Christian Ministers to join those opposing the elitists and use our voices, our venues, our pulpits—in a fifth column effort—to defeat those that would destroy western culture and rule the world.


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