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by Shannon Gilreath January 19, 2017 on the Washington Blade…

I come from the American Left. I am a feminist. I am a gay rights activist. These commitments form the core of my professional and personal life. Consequently, the argument I am about to make for tighter U.S. controls on the immigration of Muslims may surprise some readers. It shouldn’t. Islam is endemically antithetical to the well-being of gay people—primarily the people about whom and for whom I write. American liberals don’t want to hear this argument, however, because they share, ironically, with American conservatives a rather unreflective commitment to the defense of religion at all costs. Conservatives think the answer to most any problem is their religion. Increasingly, liberals seem to think that the answer is simply more religion—something they like to call diversity.
Because I am a lawyer, evidence matters to me. As the world still reels from the attack in Berlin, in which a Muslim drove a truck into a crowded market leaving 12 dead, we must realize that pretending that these attacks are random is a deadly charade. The Berlin massacre was a copycat of an even deadlier massacre, also perpetrated by an Islamist in a vehicle, in Nice, France. Only days before the Berlin attack, a 12-year-old Muslim boy attempted to blow up a crowd of people (by blowing up himself) elsewhere in Germany. In July, a Muslim attacked tourists with an ax on a German train. Deadly bombings in Paris and the Charlie Hebdo murders were also committed by Muslims. The list goes on. In America, the deadliest mass shooting on record was perpetrated by a Muslim who purposefully targeted the gay community by shooting up an Orlando gay club. And, of course, there is a much longer list of Muslim homicidal acts, including the well-publicized San Bernardino shootings and the Boston marathon bombings. If anything approaching this kind of destruction had been unleashed under the banner of any political organization, the Nazis or Klan for examples, the Left would be quick to condemn and short on tolerance for adherents who ask us to believe that they only subscribe to the ideology’s nonlethal tenets. Because this mayhem is perpetrated in the name of religion, however, the gloves stay on. Even when the murderers tell us so in no uncertain terms, we are admonished not to believe them that their religion commands their behavior.  Click here to read the rest of this story.