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To the friends, members and clergy of The Archdiocese of Saint Michael, may you be blessed this day as we thank God for the bounty he has provided.

As we go through this day in anticipation of the season of Advent, please remember the many things we have to be thankful for. And say a prayer for those families that while gathered together today—or separated from each other—wherein the peace and good fellowship of these gatherings are torn asunder due to partisan politics. We see various accounts in the media that predict that many unwilling to accept the American process of electing a new president will gather with family who voted for President Elect Trump and attempt to “shame” those Trump supporters. Those of us that have lost our parents, find ourselves years later wishing we could just one more time hear Mom or Dad’s voice, their touch or even smell; that outward essence that underscored the sense of familiarity that endeared the person to us. I pray that young people who claim to champion diversity will in fact do so and practice what they preach and embrace the tolerance and inclusion that they so often demand by accepting the fact that their parents (and other family) who voted for Trump had very valid and conscientious reasons for doing so.

I would also ask that you pray for our new incoming President and the administrative team he is assembling—even if we disagree with the nomination of some—asking God to touch the hearts of these Men and Women leading them to perform the necessary miracles needed to bring this great county back from the precipice of desolation that we are standing on the brink thereof. While many of us are breathing a collective sigh of relief due to this remarkable change of events, let us not rest but remain vigilant as we carry on the battle against evil.

I would ask that you pray to our Heavenly Father asking him to send down his warring angels to drive the demonic spirits from this country and the face of the Earth—once again—and for these angels to touch the hearts of all, softening the hardened hearts of Atheists, practitioners of false religions, idolaters of false Gods, and even Christians misled by false doctrines and deceived by false prophets.

May the Priests and Bishops of this Archdiocese celebrate the Holy Eucharist as many times as possible, even if it means as a solitary celebrant, and in the prayers of the people include special intentions for the principles outlined in this greeting and so many other points not enumerated here which need Holy Intercession from on high.

In conclusion I pray that the God of love and peace will continue to delight to dwell with and bless each and everyone of you. Amen