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Debate over Satanic statue devolves into shouting match as Detroit pastor berates ‘non-theist’ Satanist
Bethania Palma Markus 15 July 2015 for Raw Story

A discussion between the Satanic Temple’s Detroit chapter president and a local Christian pastor devolved into a shouting match as tempers flared over the Temple’s planned unveiling of a goat-headed Baphomet sculpture this month.

The local Detroit MyFox station paired the Temple’s Jex Blackmore and Pastor David Bullock of the Greater Saint Matthew Baptist Church in panel called “Let It Rip,” and they did.

Bullock has been at the forefront of Christian opposition to the Satanic Temple’s 8-foot-tall bronze statue that was set to be unveiled on July 25 in public. The “Unveiling” is now being held in private because of threats.

“There is deep misunderstanding about Satanism as a religion in all of its various forms, because Satanism and the term ‘Satanic’ has been used as a political tool to demonize individuals who rebelled against systems of authority and power,” Blackmore said.

She said the group is a non-theistic organization that has “political and activist undertones…
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To live together in a community, a society, or a country, one must agree that there be some degree of rules or laws establishing order, without such anarchy prevails. For example most find pedophilia reprehensible but others find laws regulating such as discriminatory and oppressive preventing them from exercising their rights to freedom of expression. (See: herehere and  here. More references available on request) Simply put most of us agree that we do not want adults preying on children too young and immature to make an informed decision regarding intimate acts, acts that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Therefore we have laws establishing age of consent. These political activists that identify as Satanists believe that they have a natural right to do as they please with no restrictions placed on them by government, especially a government based on Christian values such as the United States. While they may or may not claim to worship Satan, they do in effect worship a false idol of moral relativism or the belief that what is moral in one’s eyes is acceptable regardless of how repugnant the act is to the next person. (See https://carm.org/moral-relativism )

The statement “…the term ‘Satanic’ has been used as a political tool to demonize individuals who rebelled against systems of authority and power,” is but another example of argumentum ad hominem (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem ) in an attempt to paint laws based on long standing western traditions as oppressive. Laws that prevent moral anarchy are among those—I believe—Ms. Blackmore resents.
As we watch our society move closer to total moral anarchy—a state of “if it feels good do it regardless of the repercussions or how it offends others”—we should closely watch those that try to paint the voice of reason as oppressive and overly aggressive, and peacefully resist their insatiable desire for change.